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BTS Series, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

  • 10 base tools covering bolt sizes from 3/4″ to 4″(M20 to M100)
  • Fit on to most ANSI B16.5,ANSI B16.47 Series 1, MSSSP44, API-6A and API-17D standard flanges
  • Heavy duty integrated springs assist automatic ram reset. Reduces operation time between pressure cycles.
  • Reliable,mature high pressure Seal technology
  • High Pressure Quick Connect Couplings are user configurable
  • Industry proven high pressure seal technology offers many 1000’s of reliable and safe presure cycles.
  • A maximum ram stroke of 15mm to achieve a “One Pull” tensioning procedure.
  • Knurled Puller for easy user operation
  • Grip Surface & handling straps for easy user handling
  • Reduced Side Profile,ensures maximum fit versatility
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