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Common Manufacturing Challenges: How You Can Face Them

August 23, 2019

Common Manufacturing Challenges: How You Can Face Them

A sound production plan is essential for companies that want to maximize productivity. However, it’s a complex process to devise a plan that adequately covers all the important business processes and meets customer expectations. It’s more about determining your business goals and creating a roadmap that can help you get there. Reduced labor and inventory costs, optimized equipment usage, and improved on-time delivery of products are some of the common challenges that can be addressed through creating an effective production plan.

Planning depends largely on your understanding of key production activities and how you can integrate these activities into your plan. It’s also critical to understand what the market expects from you and how you can meet those expectations to achieve sustainable growth. Here are some of the common manufacturing challenges:

Project management

To meet market expectations, manufacturers must observe strict adherence to tight deadlines. In a competitive industrial world, projects are time, quality and cost sensitive. Companies that miss deadlines due to poor management, equipment failure or shutdown lose out on millions of dollars in potential profit. Not paying due attention to effective project management simply means inability to make necessary adjustments or update scope as a project progresses.

In the manufacturing world, many projects require a design commitment early on. It’s critical to have a sound project management team that can make room for flexibility as new information emerges. This will help you produce the best products within deadline constraints. If you don’t have a proven project management team, it’s always recommended to hire an experienced project management service that have the resources and capabilities to handle risk and complex scheduling and planning processes. Construction is one of those industries that demands impeccable project management expertise.

Implementation of advanced production systems

All production activities at your manufacturing floor should be included in your production plan. One of the major problems organizations face is the implementation of advanced production technologies. For instance, many progressive manufacturers utilize Internet of Things (IoT) to stay ahead of the curve. If your competitors are more adaptable to emerging opportunities, you’re less likely to ensure sustainable growth. Plan ahead on how you can use smart machines and replace outdated production means to exceed market demand for precision, quality and quantity.

While many of your competitors already have smart machines on their shop floor, it’s time for you to improve data mining capacities so you can plan better and make better decisions. From preventive maintenance to increasing throughput, smart industrial solutions will help you resolve many of your complex manufacturing problems.

Availability of human resources

With the Baby Boomer generation approaching retirement, the industrial world faces increasing labor shortage. According to a recent report, there will be more than 2 million unfilled manufacturing jobs by 2025. As progressive companies adopting advanced production technologies, they need employees with a different set of skills. Many industrial processes are being automated; smart machines reduce the need for human intervention in manufacturing processes. Developing an ideal combination of human and machine intelligence should be a key part of your business strategy.

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