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Construction Project Management And Progress Measurement

December 13, 2019

Construction Project Management And Progress Measurement

When it comes to construction management and measuring the performance of your project, it becomes difficult to avoid errors and miscalculations. Large organizations use schedule control, accounting, cost control, and other project management expertise to minimize the impact of operational inefficiencies.

The right use of project management methods can have a positive impact on the overall performance of your project. Project management systems are considered efficient when they support every major construction process from initial planning and scheduling to execution and final delivery.

Importance of effective project management

A competent team of project managers will help contractors and other participants streamline everything especially when circumstances change or when a project deviates from the plan. Keeping a project moving in accordance with the plan is the key to success. The objective should be to engineer a project in a way that it finishes on time and within the budget while meeting other important requirements such as safety and building codes.

The role of a project manager is more of a decision-maker who’s prime responsibilities are to monitor everything from hiring and cost management to developing a strategy for conflict resolution and risk control.

It is a complicated task to control large construction projects. Therefore, it is important to channel decentralized activities toward a common goal. In a fast and competitive environment, project stakeholders have to make quick decisions and deal with changes without disturbing the overall plan. Implementation of an effective project management system helps supervisors, engineers, and managers generate valuable information whenever required in a timely manner.

Large construction projects can last for many years. When projects take years to complete, technological changes, fluctuating material costs, and demands of competing projects can bring in new challenges for contractors. These challenges can’t be addressed without a systematic application of project management techniques. In the absence of professional project management expertise, a minor change in circumstances can make it difficult for the contractors to manage the impact.

Measuring project progress

Measuring the progress of a construction project is a vital component of project management that demands skill, equipment, and experience. Field progress measurement involves several factors that require professional attention in order for project managers to generate accurate progress reports. The accuracy of data, measurement methods, and the record system are all key factors that help project managers keep a construction project on track.

Typically, progress reports include a brief narrative discussion of different aspects of a project. For example, reports can be brief statements about the status of a project, potential risks, activities that are currently behind schedule, and other project tasks that have been completed according to the schedule. Depending on the nature of a project, weekly or monthly reports are prepared to determine the expected delay time or how much time project managers need to get their project back on track.


Technology and modern construction practices have completely reshaped construction management over the past few years, making it easier for project controllers to streamline various construction processes.

When a project goes over budget and late, the situation can lead to costly disputes. If you want your next project to be a success, don’t hesitate to hire a professional project management team that can effectively avoid cost overruns and delays.

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