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How To develop An Electrical Maintenance Strategy

February 14, 2020

How To develop An Electrical Maintenance Strategy

Your electrical distribution and control systems are likely to be expensive and complex assets that require proper maintenance so that they perform optimally over their service life. While organizations put special emphasis on managing and maintaining mechanical components, electrical equipment sometimes receives less maintenance.

There are various reasons why companies don’t pay due attention to their electrical infrastructure. We often see many mechanical maintenance planners in a facility but few or no electrical planners. Your asset management programs must be developed in a way that addresses both mechanical and electrical issues.

If your production facility largely depends on reactive maintenance and there is no maintenance plan for electrical components, it’s time to build a preventive maintenance strategy. The following are some tips for developing a preventive maintenance plan for your electrical systems:

Evaluate Your Current situation

When it comes to industrial settings, there’s always room for improvement or a better way of doing things. If your situation requires improvement, start evaluating your existing maintenance approach. It’s all about your business goals or where you want to be in the future.

A strong business vision will help you guide through the process. If you don’t have an in-house electrical planner, you can consult a maintenance company that provides electrical maintenance services. If you don’t have a preventive maintenance strategy at all, start with planning for your critical equipment.

Get Support From The electrical Work Group And Management Team

Your electrical work group must be engaged to help develop future plans. They probably know the plant better than you do. When defining your vision for your electrical maintenance program, you can ask them for ideas and suggestions. The group must support your strategies and vision.

It’s important that your management team is willing to support and back your vision as well. Without their support, you’re less likely to achieve success in your maintenance-related business objectives. When documenting your vision, be sure to identify prospective gains and ready to face hard questions.

Understand The Significance Of Your Electrical Assets

Understanding the criticality of your electrical assets is the first step towards developing a result-oriented maintenance plan. Your employees will have a considerably fair understanding of your equipment. Experienced operators and tradesmen could help you gather key information such as the history of failures. Once you gather all the important information, it will become easier to understand what type of failures should be mitigated first using a maintenance strategy.

The objective of applying a preventive maintenance program is to determine what could fail down the line and how to prevent the situation. You must train your electricians to develop required skills. Developing a good understanding of the production process will also help your electricians implement a long-term maintenance strategy.

A documented process is essential to obtaining a professionally managed workload. Whether your electrical maintenance department has a one-man team or dozens of technicians, you have to prioritize their work based on your strategy.

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