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Importance Of Rig Maintenance And Safety

August 30, 2019

Importance Of Rig Maintenance And Safety

Companies have to keep their equipment in top form and condition in order for them to grow. Highly experienced industry veterans repeatedly highlight the significance of rig maintenance and why it must be a top priority. Without proper preventive maintenance and safety plan, a rig is unlikely to remain efficient and profitable.

It is understandable that keeping all the parts working smoothly and well-maintained is a challenging task as drilling machines are getting more complex. On top of that, drilling rig equipment has to face harsh environments, extreme stress and vibration. The following are some simple strategies that will help you keep your critical equipment properly maintained.

Rig preventive maintenance

A sound preventive maintenance plan is essential if your goal is to keep your rig up and running. The function of preventive maintenance is to prevent costly downtime through properly scheduled maintenance activities such as regular inspection, lubrication, repair, part replacement, etc. Result-oriented maintenance is not a one-time job as certain tasks need to be performed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Lubrication is an important component of a maintenance plan. Rig technicians have to grease various parts daily to get rid of dirt and ensure cleanliness. An effective lubrication program not only increases the service life of equipment but also helps your maintenance team look over almost every part of the rig. Unspooled cables and leaking hydraulic hoses are some of the issues that can be detected during daily inspection. Maintenance of electric systems, periodic hydraulic fluid maintenance, and changing the engine oil are also key components of a rig preventive maintenance plan.

If you’re managing a large fleet, keeping track of everything on the maintenance schedule can be a difficult job. Training of maintenance staff plays a key role in this regard. A professional team of maintenance technicians and engineers can plan and implement every maintenance process in an efficient manner. When it comes down to carrying out a top-to-bottom inspection, missing or skipping anything can have a negative impact. For example, ignoring small chips in the paint can cause corrosion and disintegration that ultimately leads to catastrophic equipment damage.

The right lubricants should be used for each application. Using wrong or contaminated oil will have a devastating impact on your equipment. Preparing a checklist and developing lubrication procedures will help your maintenance crew in the process. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to maintenance, which means you need to have a custom maintenance and safety program that meets the unique requirements of your rig.

If you’re not sure how to develop and implement an effective preventive maintenance strategy or you don’t have experienced staff to take care of your mechanical and electrical systems, contact an engineering company that provides top-notch industrial maintenance services.

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