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Maintenance of Industrial Plants And Equipment: Importance And Benefits

January 11, 2019

Maintenance of Industrial Plants And Equipment: Importance And Benefits

Maintenance management plays a key role in industrial asset management. The objective of developing and implementing a maintenance program is not limited to carrying out routine repair activities, you should consider appropriate management of equipment health throughout its life cycle. It is always better to invest in maintenance to deal with problems right now rather than to wait until later, when the situation may become even more costly and complicated to deal with.

Maintenance is often described as the management and execution of activities which ensure the overall performance of the plant and equipment reliability is achieved. From minimizing downtime costs to eliminating unplanned shutdowns, a sound maintenance strategy can provide numerous benefits. Maintenance management is entrusted with the challenge to keep the equipment and plant services available in proper operating conditions.

While minimizing downtime and machine breakdowns are major objectives of maintenance, many companies take maintenance as an insignificant activity which leads to required repair of faulty equipment.

Importance of plant maintenance

The scope and significance of maintenance can vary depending on the type of plant and its production. Needless to say that equipment breakdown can lead to an inevitable loss of production. When a major machine breakdown in a flow production factory occurs, the entire production process come to a halt. As a result, the business can experience an immediate loss in productivity and a loss of thousands of dollars per hour.

It is an established fact that a poorly-maintained industrial plant will require expensive repair at some point. Industrial equipment such as machines, transportation facilities, and buildings wear out and require regular maintenance in order to function properly.

Benefits of maintenance

Let’s have a look at some of the objectives and benefits of having an effective maintenance plan in place:

  • Recommended maintenance practices can help you extend the useful life of the plant and machinery by slowing down the wear and tear process.
  • You can also minimize the loss that can occur due to production stoppages.
  • Maintenance will ensure operational readiness of your equipment required for emergency purposes at all times.
  • Regular inspection will help you minimize workplace hazards and improve safety standards.
  • It will help you improve the operational efficiency of the plant and the quality of products.

In a competitive environment, your plant must operate in an efficient manner and the downtime must not interrupt production runs. In order to achieve such conditions, you must develop and implement an effective maintenance strategy which can plan, control, and direct all maintenance-related activities.

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