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Tips For Managing Your Preventive Maintenance Team

March 22, 2019

Tips For Managing Your Preventive Maintenance Team

It’s more important than ever to focus on developing preventive maintenance programs as a strategy to remain profitable in a competitive environment. Needless to mention that reliable and high-performance equipment drives profitability and operational efficiency. Taking this fact into account, it’s absolutely vital to have a well-trained and managed maintenance team that can take good care of your machines.

If you don’t have a good maintenance team, it’s difficult to ensure high performance. Implementing a world-class preventive maintenance program requires preventive maintenance experts who know how to implement maintenance processes without requiring the equipment to be taken offline. If you have an in-house maintenance team, it’s important for you to explore ways to make them more productive. Here are some tips for boosting the overall performance of your maintenance staff.

Adopt innovation and new technologies

Since maintenance directly impacts your business success and bottom line, your maintenance department must continuously watch out for innovative ways to solve old problems. Even a small act of smart work can make a big difference. For example, the maintenance team can use a tighter calibration standard than required when adjusting equipment.

Being open to new maintenance technologies and techniques can bring dramatic improvements. Having a deep understanding of your critical equipment will enable your staff to come up with practical modifications that can save time. So far as emergency maintenance is concerned, it’s advisable to create work orders in advance.

Follow a schedule

Investing all of your time and energy into real-time emergencies can make it challenging to focus on developing a preventive maintenance schedule. Inability to think ahead can create serious problems down the road. While it’s hard to deal with emergency repairs, planning can help you get out of the hard trap. Instant access to critical work orders and the use of software capabilities allow managers to plan ahead and minimize the number of reactive repairs.

Encourage self-motivation

Motivation plays a crucial role in increasing the productivity of your employees. Your staff should be self-motivated. It’s important to consider that money or praise aren’t enough. Your employees should have a sense of independence and responsibilities, and a chance to improve their skills.

It’s not appropriate to micromanage your experienced employees. The maintenance manager should give his staff autonomy while holding them accountable. The expectations and goals must be set but the staff can decide the ideal way to achieve those goals. When your staff has a sense of responsibility and ownership, they’ll do their best to achieve success.

If you don’t have a dedicated maintenance team to take care of your critical equipment, hire a company that offers preventive maintenance and shutdown services. If you’re in Edmonton, Quality Millwright is ready to provide preventive maintenance and electrical services to a broad range of industries. Contact us for more information!