• We Are Available 24/7 For Emergencies.


Equipment and facility maintenance is essential when it comes to operating in a competitive environment where achieving operational efficiency is absolutely critical. Industrial operations rely heavily on the reliability of their equipment. We help companies develop and implement sound preventive maintenance strategies so that prolonged downtime during peak production hours can be avoided.


Whether your facility requires routine repairs or unscheduled maintenance, our preventive maintenance services will help you keep your facility running at its best. Our preventive maintenance services include:

We’re available 24/7 to provide prompt breakdown repair service. Our repair experts have the experience to deal with all kinds of stationary rotating machines. Our response time is second to none and we take pride in delivering maintenance services you can count on. Our electricians, machinists and millwrights will troubleshoot the problem quickly and get your system up and running as soon as possible.

Preservation is a maintenance task which is carried out when equipment is not in service. We provide preservation services to many industries helping them keep their machinery in good shape even when it’s not in service. Effective preservation keeps equipment protected against oxidation, water damage and additional over-time issues

Our millwrights will preserve your equipment in compliance with the manufacturers’ specifications. When your parts and equipment are taken out of production and put into storage, this is where our services can help.

When machinery goes down unexpectedly, there are consequences such as decreased productivity, safety concerns, loss of revenue, and most importantly, failure to meet customers’ expectations. To resolve this problem, we provide inspection services to examine your equipment for potential breakdowns and identify wear and tear.