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Three Main Functions of Rig Servicing

March 26, 2020

Three Main Functions of Rig Servicing

Rigs are always miles away from civilization. The workers on a rig are working on their own with no trace of human beings near them to rescue them in case anything goes wrong. The significance of rig maintenance is very high because of the nature and location of the workplace.

Usually, there are hundreds of people working on a rig. The rig repair companies give the guarantee of non-disruptive running of the machinery and other components on a rig.

There are three main functions a rig servicing company performs.

Maintaining Equipment

Maintenance of the equipment and machinery is the primary function a rig servicing and repair company performs. With the right tools and experienced workers, it becomes possible to make sure the rig is kept alive and working all the time.

If the equipment fails, you cannot do anything, and the workers will be waiting for the machinery to work so that they can complete their tasks and call it a day. It’s very crucial for the rig servicing companies to keep the machines up and running day and night.

The productivity of the rig and meeting the daily targets depends on how well the maintenance of the equipment and machinery is performed. It depends on the professionalism, vigilance, and dedication of the rig servicing and repair company, which is providing these services.

Identifying Critical Problems

Secondly, identification of any problem at the rig which can stop or affect the operations in the future is also very crucial. A vast scale of business operations going on cannot afford to halt just because some concerned people could not identify the problem in time.

If there’s something dangerous that comes up in the rig inspection and maintenance team, it must be shared with higher authorities immediately. It will minimize the chances of any loss to business continuity.

It is a fundamental ability of a rig servicing company to identify a problem and be ready for it before it occurs. It helps in preparedness and, as a consequence, saves your time. It’s also useful and effective in preventing many faults and problems. If there’s anything that’s not in its proper condition, it may default soon. Instead of waiting for that downtime, you can get it fixed at the right time. A defect removed in time is cheaper and efficient than correcting it afterward.

On-Site Repair

Identifying a problem follows taking action to prevent any loss and effect on the productivity of the rig. It also makes sure that there are no risks associated with it to endanger the workers on the rig.

On-site repair is vital to ensure there’s minimum time spent on the repair and operations. Removing the defective part from the equipment or machinery and taking it miles away, only to then bring it back to the rig site and install and test it takes a long time, which is not feasible for the company. On-site repair offers a rapid solution to the problem.

In the fast-paced world, time is money, and this is one luxury you don’t always have. It’s always more desirable to return to business as quickly as possible. On-site repair allows you to get back to work faster. This way, you can compete with the other hurdles and problems coming your way.

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