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What Does A Millwright Do? Traits Of A Good Millwright Company

December 20, 2019

What Does A Millwright Do? Traits Of A Good Millwright Company

The term ‘millwright’ typically refers to a professional who repairs, installs, dismantles, reassembles, and manages various types of equipment in power plants, factories, and construction sites. Millwrights are mostly found working in production facilities, repairing and maintaining critical machines and electrical infrastructure. With the evolving industrial technologies, the role of millwrights has also changed significantly.

What does a millwright do?

On a typical job, millwrights will read through schematic drawings, diagrams, and manuals to align gears and shafts, operate rigging equipment, attach and align motors, perform preventive and predictive maintenance, and perform fabrication of equipment. Vibration analysis, servicing and repairing hydraulic and pneumatic equipment is also part of the job. In other words, millwrights perform several critical tasks to keep production facilities up and running.

If you’re looking to install, repair, troubleshoot or maintain industrial machines and mechanical equipment in your production facility, you need to hire a trusted millwright. When choosing a millwright contractor, make sure to consider a few traits that signal dependability and trust. Millwrights will be working on your critical assets that require specialized handling and care. In other words, don’t let an inexperienced millwright company repair or maintain your machines. Here are 3 basic qualities of a good millwright:


When it comes to industrial preventive maintenance and shutdown procedures, you need dependable, high-precision craftsmen. It’s important for an industrial engineer to demonstrate extensive skills and knowledge of the trade. Before you hire someone, make sure the contractor has the necessary tools and skills to deal with the challenges of the job at hand without supervision.

Analytical skills

Industrial machines are becoming more complex, which means millwrights and machine operators’ duties require critical thinking and thorough planning. It’s a basic trait of a millwright to make well-informed decisions to meet customers’ expectations. The success of a millwright depends on their ability to analyze complex issues quickly and efficiently and provide solutions that work.


Taking apart existing machines or preparing a manufacturing floor for new equipment is a part of millwrights’ job. Breaking down or assembling a machine is a complicated and systematic process that requires pertinent skills and tools. Millwrights use a range of fabrication and measuring tools such as machining equipment, levels, lasers, and measuring tapes to get their job done. It’s important to make sure the millwright company you select has the required tools to complete your project.

You might have one or a few millwrights in your team to perform preventive maintenance or other equipment-related tasks. It’s important for industrial mechanics to work with other professionals on a site to bring about excellent outcomes. If the success of your project depends on maintaining an agreeable work environment, you need to hire professionals who are flexible and easy to communicate with.

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