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How To Keep Your Machines In Good Working Condition

July 26, 2019

How To Keep Your Machines In Good Working Condition

Maintenance departments face several hurdles when attempting to achieve plant reliability. A successful maintenance program is key in this respect; it’s not possible to ensure equipment reliability in the long run without a sound strategy in place. The machines you use to run and grow your business demand care and proper maintenance.

Whether you run a large factory or a small production plant, you need efficient, well-maintained equipment to achieve your business goals. If you’re not investing in preventive maintenance, the costs associated with repairs and unplanned downtime will seriously affect your bottom line making it difficult for you to remain competitive and profitable. This is why it’s important to keep your machines in good working condition. Here are some valuable tips that will help you ensure equipment reliability:

Consult the manual

When planning to take proper care of any piece of machinery, nothing can be more valuable than the recommendations provided in the manual. From regular maintenance tasks to basic instructions, your maintenance staff can learn a lot from the manual. It’s important to determine whether your maintenance team can maintain a machine themselves or it should be done in a more professional manner. If you don’t have the resources to perform basic or major maintenance tasks, don’t hesitate to consult an engineering company that provides preventive maintenance services.

Handle machines with care

Machine operators or mechanics often apply odd techniques to make a machine work or work better. While these techniques can work in some rare cases, mishandling machines can do more harm than good. The more you invest in preventive maintenance, the longer your equipment will remain in good working condition.

Moreover, unnecessary equipment damage can occur due to human error. Implement a discipline policy and make sure all staff are extremely careful around critical machinery. Fluids can cause irreparable damage to electrical systems.

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Develop a lubrication strategy

Needless to say that machines demand proper lubrication for optimal performance. Dirty oils or poor lubrication practices can lead to premature equipment failure. Having a lubrication plan is a vital part of any successful preventive maintenance program. Applying the right lubricants at the right time while ensuring cleanliness can improve the service life of your machines. Pay attention to how you can achieve lubrication excellence. Train your operators on the importance of developing healthy lubrication procedures from oil delivery and storage to filtration and dispensing.

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