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A Shift From Manual to Automatic Machining

February 15, 2019

A Shift From Manual to Automatic Machining

It’s not an easy process to upgrade an existing production setup and install modern machines to achieve business goals. When a company decides to make an investment to improve its productivity and operational efficiency, a strategic approach becomes necessary to ensure success.

While companies are rapidly shifting from manual to automatic and advanced machines to meet market demands, how can a job shop meet the growing demand for precision and quality? How does advanced machining equipment impact productivity and workflow? It’s important to answer these questions before implementing new machining technologies.

A company can make the most out of advanced production means only when it truly capitalizes on advanced equipment by exploiting its full potential. A shift from manual to automatic or CNC machining requires a careful analysis of how new solutions produce desired results: reduced setups, high-quality products, increased throughput, aggressive material removal, quick response to customer needs, etc.

While small businesses can afford to use automated tools, advanced machining tools aren’t ideal for every job shop. Machinists often argue that the old-fashioned machining methods are more effective for them considering their workload and customer requirements. Quality Millwright in Edmonton provides both traditional and advanced machining capabilities.

Applications of manual machining in today’s competitive environment

What kind of machining technology is better, manual or CNC? If we ask an experienced machinist to answer this, he would probably say that it depends on the nature of the job. CNC machining can complete large orders accurately and quickly, while manual machining is ideal for jobs where CNC becomes ineffective or too expensive. Both methods have their own benefits when it comes to machined parts manufacturing.

From manual machining to CNC

One of the benefits of shifting machining operations from manual to automatic is the need for minimal human intervention. However, it requires well-trained and experienced machinists to operate modern tools. No matter the hurdles a business has to face in order to enhance its operational capabilities, a dramatic increase in productivity and safety will justify the investment. Moreover, a less noisy environment and less physical effort make things easier for machinists and millwrights.

Taking into account the rapidly evolving manufacturing environment, remaining stagnant can be devastating. It is important to embrace change and apply new methods to ensure customer satisfaction.

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