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Simple Techniques To Bring Efficiency To Your Shop Floor

November 7, 2018

Simple Techniques To Bring Efficiency To Your Shop Floor

Improving operational efficiency and shop floor productivity have become imperative to survive in a competitive environment. No matter the size or nature of your business, improving productivity and equipment reliability is essential to maintaining competitiveness and increasing gross profit. Examining your equipment and current manufacturing procedures will help you understand what additional efforts can enhance the efficiency of your production systems. The following are some simple but effective techniques to bring dramatic improvements to your shop floor:

1. Identify bottlenecks

The first and most important step is to identify and analyze bottlenecks in your existing workflow. It is important to learn how to analyze communication tools, technology, people, equipment, and all available resources to effectively identify pain points. From parts rejection to machine downtime and nonconforming components, watch out for processes where improvements can be made. A professional approach will allow you to redesign production processes to make them more efficient.

2. Implement a proactive maintenance strategy

It is important to reduce downtime by investing in and implementing sound maintenance strategies and system upgradation. It’s a fact that advanced manufacturing tools can dramatically improve productivity. However, without having a preventive maintenance plan in place, new technologies don’t produce the desired results. The maintenance team working on your shop floor must understand how to troubleshoot system downtime and provide reliable solutions. Regular maintenance is the only way to keep your machines up and running. If you don’t have an in-house maintenance team, hire a reputed engineering company that provides preventive maintenance and shutdown services.

3. Use smart production tools

The operators and technicians working at your shop floor are as efficient as their tools or machines. Implementing smart tools such as automated welding units, metal fabrication machines, and advanced quality control systems will help you bring efficiency back to your shop floor. It is almost impossible to successfully operate in a competitive environment without investing in modern technologies.

Well-maintained machines at your shop floor will not only improve labor productivity but also limit work in progress which can affect various areas in your manufacturing process. Always work with a highly experienced millwright team who knows how to improve the operational efficiency of your manufacturing machines and equipment.

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