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While modern industrial technology has dramatically improved the way we manufacture products, safety is still one of the major concerns on manufacturing floors. Lack of safety knowledge and strategies often leads to injuries, reduced productivity, and reputation damage. Thousands of manufacturing workers are injured every year making it necessary for manufacturers to work towards improved … Continue reading “How To Improve Safety on Your Manufacturing Floor”

Companies have to keep their equipment in top form and condition in order for them to grow. Highly experienced industry veterans repeatedly highlight the significance of rig maintenance and why it must be a top priority. Without proper preventive maintenance and safety plan, a rig is unlikely to remain efficient and profitable. It is understandable … Continue reading “Importance Of Rig Maintenance And Safety”

A sound production plan is essential for companies that want to maximize productivity. However, it’s a complex process to devise a plan that adequately covers all the important business processes and meets customer expectations. It’s more about determining your business goals and creating a roadmap that can help you get there. Reduced labor and inventory … Continue reading “Common Manufacturing Challenges: How You Can Face Them”

When we talk about quality assurance or total quality management, we are not talking about the efficiency in processes only. In fact, the concept of total quality management or industrial quality control means that the industry is being run on best practices identified and further improved for operational proceedings. The industrial quality control standards vary … Continue reading “How To Maintain Industrial Quality Control”

In today’s day and age, real-time data and applicable insights are required to win new opportunities and grow more rapidly than your competitors. While precision, speed, scale, and consistency are inseparable parts of modern manufacturing, real-time data makes it easy for you to achieve your business goals and establish your company as an industry leader. … Continue reading “How Real Time Data Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing”

Maintenance departments face several hurdles when attempting to achieve plant reliability. A successful maintenance program is key in this respect; it’s not possible to ensure equipment reliability in the long run without a sound strategy in place. The machines you use to run and grow your business demand care and proper maintenance. Whether you run … Continue reading “How To Keep Your Machines In Good Working Condition”

The emergence of advanced metal fabrication technologies such as CNC and precision machining has made it possible for manufacturers to achieve the maximum level of precision and productivity. Both small and large size industries can use modern fabrication tools to produce high-quality products and improve their bottom line. Advanced metal fabrication offers several advantages from … Continue reading “Advantages of Using Advanced Fabrication Technology”

In today’s competitive environment, companies want to spend less while maintaining or even increasing the scope and quality of a project. How can you put together a budget that will ensure project success? This is where you need expert construction project managers to carry out proper cost estimation. Detailed, accurate estimates are a vital component … Continue reading “Cost Estimating: A Key Component Of Construction Project Management”

Equipment failure is a common phenomenon. Its impact can range from minimal production losses to catastrophic shutdowns. In some industries, equipment failure can lead to heavy production losses and safety implications. There are numerous reasons why industrial equipment breaks down. In order to avoid the serious consequences of unplanned downtime, you need to understand why … Continue reading “Industrial Equipment Failure: Causes And Solutions”

Planned shutdowns and preventive maintenance is a very economically viable solution to streamline plant operations and improve efficiency. It’s critical to have a well-thought-out maintenance plan in place to make the most of your production means. It is usually expensive to shut down a plant temporarily whether due to an emergency situation or a planned … Continue reading “How To Streamline Preventive Maintenance Schedule”

Organizations, large as well as SMEs, understand how their business growth and productivity depends on operational efficiency and maintenance processes. There are many types of maintenance which come with varying definitions and procedures. There are five notable types of industrial maintenance: preventive, corrective, predictive, condition-based, and predetermined. Many companies find it difficult to differentiate between … Continue reading “5 Types Of Industrial Maintenance Programs”

Fabrication is typically defined as a set of manufacturing processes that take raw stock material and turn it into a part that would be used in another manufacturing process such as assembly. The following are some of the common types of metal fabrication processes: Machining Machining a piece of material is a phenomenal technique to … Continue reading “Various Types Of Metal Fabrication Processes”