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Despite the depth of knowledge and manufacturing experience, many engineers fail to enlist the types of manufacturing environments in their facility. Traditionally speaking, there have been five distinct types of manufacturing processes. How many manufacturing environments a facility employs depends on the way products are being produced there. More than one manufacturing processes are often … Continue reading “Types Of Manufacturing Processes”

Preventive maintenance (PM) is a major type of industrial maintenance that deals with maintaining equipment on a regular basis. The prime objective is to prevent failures and other equipment problems before they take place. It’s a technical process to analyze and optimize schedules of maintenance and throughput adjustments in a manufacturing system. Throughput changing operations … Continue reading “Various Types Of Maintenance Activities And Procedures”

Construction management is a professional service that deploys specialized tools and techniques to manage the planning, design, and execution of a project from its initiation to completion. It is a broader field that helps project owners and contractors develop a streamlined construction process that covers everything from resourcing to risk management. Defining project scope, planning, … Continue reading “Important Aspects of Construction Project Management”

A planned shutdown often creates high-pressure situations for your plant maintenance department. A plant shutdown involves time limitations and extensive planning and scheduling work. Things can get complicated when the deadline for resuming production is just around the corner. While a planned shutdown can offer numerous benefits down the road, there are also some risks … Continue reading “How To Manage Risks Associated With Plant Shutdowns”

It’s more important than ever to focus on developing preventive maintenance programs as a strategy to remain profitable in a competitive environment. Needless to mention that reliable and high-performance equipment drives profitability and operational efficiency. Taking this fact into account, it’s absolutely vital to have a well-trained and managed maintenance team that can take good … Continue reading “Tips For Managing Your Preventive Maintenance Team”

Many organizations experience equipment failure which can have a disastrous impact on your production processes and delivery of services. Repair costs and downtime can have a negative impact on your bottom line. We can categorize equipment failure in various categories. Many problems can be easily rectified and cause minor losses. If you don’t have an … Continue reading “How To Prevent Equipment Failure”

Unplanned downtime is one of the factors why organizations go through operational inefficiencies. As a business, it’s critical for you to understand and realize the true cost of unplanned downtime and what you can do to avoid it. Organizations don’t have the time nor the resources to deal with equipment failure. In a competitive environment, … Continue reading “Negative Impacts Of Unplanned Downtime”

Developing and implementing an effective preventive maintenance program is one of the best things you can do for your business. Having such a program at your facility will provide numerous benefits in the long run: reduced downtime, fewer repairs, equipment reliability and better conservation of assets. As a business, you can also use maintenance as … Continue reading “Preventive Maintenance: Problems And How To Avoid Them”

Simply put, preventive maintenance is a set of activities that focuses on reducing the likelihood of equipment failure. It ensures that every component of your industrial assets receive proper maintenance. Costly disruptions and unexpected breakdowns are a couple of obvious consequences of having a poor preventive maintenance strategy or no strategy at all. This blog … Continue reading “Setting Up An Effective Preventive Maintenance Program”

It’s not an easy process to upgrade an existing production setup and install modern machines to achieve business goals. When a company decides to make an investment to improve its productivity and operational efficiency, a strategic approach becomes necessary to ensure success. While companies are rapidly shifting from manual to automatic and advanced machines to … Continue reading “A Shift From Manual to Automatic Machining”

If you are looking for a reputable metal fabrication company for your next project, you might find it difficult to narrow down your options for hiring the best company for the job. This blog post will make it easy for you to select the right metal fabrication company and get the job done in an … Continue reading “Things To Consider When Choosing A Metal Fabrication Company”

Producing high-quality products at lower production costs is one of the prime objectives of modern manufacturers. Competitive industrial environments make it mandatory for many companies to use the latest technologies to meet market expectations and improve profitability. Automated or robotic welding systems are crucial for some industries such as fabrication and manufacturing. It is hard … Continue reading “Robotic Welding: A Key Part Of Modern Manufacturing”