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Rigs are always miles away from civilization. The workers on a rig are working on their own with no trace of human beings near them to rescue them in case anything goes wrong. The significance of rig maintenance is very high because of the nature and location of the workplace. Usually, there are hundreds of … Continue reading “Three Main Functions of Rig Servicing”

Manufacturing or production plants of today are usually fully or semi-automated. This means that the modern production industry is now relying upon machine-based production to a significant extent. This also means that machining services have become so efficient that they are able to support the massive production industry. In this context, the impact of field … Continue reading “Impact Of Field Machining On The Production Industry”

Modernization in machining services has given way to the concept of mobilizing those machining services. These types of services are usually rendered for instant machining tasks or repairs to minimize the downtime of a production plant or factory. Mobile machining services are provided by highly professional engineers who excel in precision-based machining services. Mobile machining … Continue reading “Important Aspects Of Mobile Machining Services”

When it comes to machine tool maintenance, it is important to implement the right conditions for achieving high-quality cuts. It’s improper to think of it in terms of say a 1000km oil change or a 10,000km tuneup. Machine tool maintenance requires a lot more attention than that. Machine tool maintenance should be incorporated into your … Continue reading “Machine Maintenance: How To Clean And Lubricate Your Lathe Machine”

Heavy machinery is the most costly construction equipment you can own. Even minor repairs and part replacements can be quite expensive. The good news is that you can enhance the life of your heavy machinery and save money in the process by adopting some best practices for large equipment. These areas of maintenance are often … Continue reading “5 Maintenance Tips for Heavy Machinery”

Modern machinery and millwright works demand quickness and efficiency to minimize the machinery downtime in various industries. To achieve this, the recent concept of on-site machining services has been able to revolutionize traditional machining services. It’s just not true that on-site or field machining works are more expensive than conventional machining services. To support our … Continue reading “Budgeting Basics Of A Field Machining Job”

Your electrical distribution and control systems are likely to be expensive and complex assets that require proper maintenance so that they perform optimally over their service life. While organizations put special emphasis on managing and maintaining mechanical components, electrical equipment sometimes receives less maintenance. There are various reasons why companies don’t pay due attention to … Continue reading “How To develop An Electrical Maintenance Strategy”

Shutdown and maintenance plans often don’t work the way organizations lay them out, especially when an emergency arises. However, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out plan that could help you explore and document all the possibilities and options. The information you gain during the planning phase will help you choose appropriate actions depending on the … Continue reading “A Brief Introduction To Maintenance Planning And Scheduling”

Custom metal fabrication has allowed different businesses and manufacturers to develop better and enhanced products. Modernization in machines which helps build other machines was never this promising. The concept of electric cars is a perfect example where hydraulic machines are mass producing vehicles with the sleekest and most creative designs which were never before possible. … Continue reading “Benefits Of Custom Metal Fabrication Services”

Machining services have been conducted for centuries now, and the machines are getting smarter and more sophisticated. The need for more efficient and innovative machining services becomes a necessity for any industry that intends to grow in the future. In order to enhance a machining service’s area of expertise, there are groundbreaking innovations already happening … Continue reading “Digitalization In Machining Services”

The manufacturing industry in Canada spends billions of dollars annually due to unplanned downtime. So many companies find it difficult to benchmark maintenance performance and develop preventive maintenance programs that can generate higher ROI. While well-thought-out maintenance strategies reduce downtime and minimize repair time, it’s complicated to make the most of your maintenance efforts. This … Continue reading “Key Components To Maintenance Program Success”

It’s nearly impossible to find a factory or power plant without machines. Most industrial facilities in Canada operate heavy and complicated machines. Highly skilled professionals install, operate and maintain complex industrial equipment. Organizations usually have two options when it comes to maintenance-related work: they can either use in-house resources or outsource maintenance. Why should you … Continue reading “Benefits Of Outsourcing Facility Maintenance”